Don’t let defeat beat you, let it be the fire that burns your torch.

Confidence through Failure

That’s right sometimes we learn more when things don’t go as planned. Life is full of ups and downs and if you truly look back at the times when things were hard you’ll realize those were the times you learned the most.

Through karate training, I’ve learned that failure and even disappointment are ok. Those are words you don’t hear much today because everyone is a winner. In karate class, you will not win every match, be perfect at every movement, get every belt or stripe, or win every tournament. Of course, you do your best and learn from all experiences. We say that karate builds confidence which is true but you have to give it a chance.

Confidence comes from years of sweating, kicking, and trying as hard as you can even when it seems impossible. It's getting through the impossible that makes a person confident. A karate student may have to try many if not hundreds of times to get to the place or belt they want to be. Trying is half the battle. The student must not let frustration get in the way of their goal.

The lesson we learn is that in life and karate you will have days that are hard and you fail to do what you wanted and planned. Pick your head up and continue on the path. Don’t let defeat beat you, let it be the fire that burns your torch.

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